Show and Tell

Canyon 08/28/18

An illustration used as part of a feature on the Romantic movement and its relation to the modern world. Check it out in context in my Portfolizine!


Art in the Park 2018 05/22/18


Here are some examples of the graphics being used to promote Art in the Park 2018. The idea behind the campaign is pretty simple: Use bright, striking colors to earn viewers’ attention and communicate summer fun in a way that isn’t cheesy. We’ll be everywhere from the web to billboards. I had a lot of fun illustrating this and playing around with colors.

I’m really excited about the colorful, dynamic look, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the campaign really goes. The graphic above is the reference graphic I’m using to base the ad materials off of and below are a print ad and web ad that I’ve already sent off.




Lemur 05/10/18


Just an illustration of  a lemur. A handsome lemur.


French Defense 04/30/18


A  mock-up of a cover for a book about the French Defense (a chess opening). Note that I didn’t actually write a chess book. But I do like playing the French Defense.


Leroy’s Lumber Supply Yard 04/27/18

A hand lettered , illustrated logo patch for Leroy’s Lumber Supply yard. Friendly, industrious, and classic.

The ‘Le’ in Leroy is a little unusual, but I think it feels very organic and “Authentic”, which is what I was aiming to achieve. The brick red is a perfect color for this project.


Orange Sweater 04/19/18

A fun, simple illustration of one of my favorite sweaters. It’s orange.