Anti-Smoking PSA 11/01/18


I was just reminded of this anti-smoking PSA ad that I put together during college, so I dug into the archives and found it. It was one of my favorite projects of that time period.

The idea behind the ad is it can be easier to do really hard things, like quitting smoking, if you are doing it for the people you love rather than just doing it for yourself.

Unfortunately, I have no idea who originally took the photo, so I’m not sure how to credit them, but it has a stomach-dropping emotional effect that carries the ad. Technically it’s not a flawless image—the focus on the girl is even a little bit off (hitting her shoulder, just missing her eyes)—but it is a such a remarkable photo I’m having trouble describing how perfect it is. Innocence…despair…everything.

I don’t think the other ads I made for the campaign were quite as powerful as this one, but this ad really nailed what I was going for. Such a nice example of how art and copy can work in elegant harmony.