A Guide to Teapots 07/20/17

Sometimes it’s good to go a little over the top to solve a problem. I like to drink tea, and so I have a few different teapots, each in a different size so I can choose how much tea I’d like to brew. The problem is that it is impossible to remember the volume of each pot, so I would end up boiling way more water than was needed—an annoying waste of time and energy.

So I took some measurements and created this handy little guide that lives on the refrigerator. The best feature is the list of kitchen sink fill times, which tells me roughly how long I need to hold the kettle under the sink to get just the right amount of water for the teapot I’d like to use (important note: you boil the water in a kettle and pour it into the pot once it is boiling. That’s why it’s not just a matter of filling the teapot to the brim). This is a lot more convenient than having to measure out the water exactly.

It’s probably easier to understand the process when you’re actually doing it, so if that all made no sense to you, just now that it is in fact very handy, and I use it often. It would have been faster for me to just write the info down on a sheet of paper and hang that on the fridge, but it’s more fun to make something nice.